Student Information Form

Returning families will remember a folder being sent home at the start of school year, full of multiple forms to fill out. And checks to write. Well, PS 107 is moving into the 21st century with a brand-spanking new online Student Information Form! Saves time, money, and trees! Please take the time to fill out entirely by September 14th. Thank you!

School Supplies

The School Supply Program is back! EPI’s secure web site is up and running, so you can already pre-order next year’s supplies online with the click of a mouse! **Order by June 25 to receive a 5% discount and guaranteed delivery before school starts**, with orders placed after this date arriving at school by the end of the first week. Last day to order will be August 13.


In addition to the standardized teacher lists, there are two other options available for the 2012–13 school year.
1. A standardized Household Goods list for all grades (some teachers may have additional items for their classroom, which you will need to purchase separately)
2. A pack for the Coalition for the Homeless, which we hope you will consider purchasing as a donation in support of “Project Back-to-School,” jump-starting the efforts of the Community Outreach Committee next fall.

The lists are beginning to get “greened” as well! Some paper products will have a higher recycled content, and some items on the household list will be environmentally friendly.

Flyers with grade and household lists have been sent home in your child’s backpack. Information and lists are also available on the PS 107 web site throughout the summer, should you choose to do your shopping elsewhere.


1. To order, go to the EPI Website: [](
2. Enter our School ID: PS0107 (those are zeros, not O’s)
3. Follow the directions to complete your order

A few things to keep in mind:
• Select the kit for the grade your child will be entering next year (not their current grade)
• When prompted, enter N/A for teacher
• Don’t forget those Household Goods **(you must select a separate kit)**
• Please consider ordering a kit to support the Coalition for the Homeless “Project Back-to-School” (enter your child’s name or enter N/A for the first and last name)
• Sales tax will be applied at checkout


Your help is needed to ensure continued success in providing this convenience!
Volunteers will be needed the week of August 27 (the week before school starts) and the first week of school to help distribute kits to classrooms.

Please email Janet Barad: or Kim Berney-Brooke: to volunteer or with questions.

Chess Tournament

PS 107’s first annual chess tournament is being held on Monday, June 25, from 3:30 – 6:30 on the 4th floor.

The chess tournament is open to all PS 107 students whether they are in Afterschool* or not. This non-rated tournament is a great opportunity for kids to experience a chess tournament in a familiar and relaxed setting. The tournament is free to all PS 107 students and there is a online sign up sheet. Please be advised that due to time and space restraints we are limiting the tournament to 50 PS 107 students only—sorry no siblings or friends from other schools.  Please use the online sign up below to register your child and volunteer yourself to help – we need at least 10 adults to make this happen.

We will have three categories of players: Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced. Please refer to the guidelines below in deciding which category best reflects your child’s playing level and ability. The Tournament Director will ultimately place the children in the categories but this gives us an idea for planning, numbers, etc.

Beginner Players should be able to do the following:

• Properly move all of the chess pieces

• Understand pawn promotion

• Understand Check and the ways to get out of check (move, block, capture)

• Understand Checkmate

Intermediate Players should:

• Be able to mate with a King and Queen

• Be able to mate with a King and Rook

• Know how to achieve and stop “Scholar’s Mate” (the “four-move mate”)

• Be able to solve “mate-in-one” chess puzzles

Advanced Players should also:

• Have a basic understanding of chess strategy including opening play

• Have a basic understanding of chess tactics including pins, forks, skewers

• Have a sense of how to mate with a King and 2 Bishops

• Know how to record the moves of a chess game


So click on the above link to sign up and a BIG THANKS to PSACC (aka Afterschool*) for giving us the time and space to hold the tournament.

If you have any questions please contact Michael Reyes at